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A worrying development has come to the attention of food producers. Fat people are starting to think of living healthier lives by consuming healthy foods (Teicholz 2). This is a no, no, no. It should not happen like this.

Indeed, speeches on healthy diets are everywhere on TV and other social media platforms (Clayton and Vanderkam 12). Even people in food production industry applaud it. However, the only thing they want for fat people is to conceptualize and discuss healthy diet in a particular manner, likening health with how a person looks like instead of linking it with results of life and vulnerability to diseases. A person’s comprehension of heath has an immense impact on their purchasing habits and this will affect the food industry. The industry is ready for all decisions that the fat person will make, whether to use low calorie meals, low fat or inexorably accept the reality that they cannot avoid snacks, fries, and ice cream items.

Regardless of the current wellbeing pattern, the food industry reacts by creating and advertising new items (Winson 14). They can likewise demonstrate you how incredible some of their current items are and dependably have been. For example, when things were not so useful for fat people, their companions at Welch's had the capacity to bring up the issue that their chewy foods snacks were a fat free choice. Low fat! Hard! At that point the tide betrayed starches. Their companions in meat and dairy were cheerful to demonstrate that their steaks, meats, and cheeses were low-carb decisions. Low carbs! Solid! Obviously, they do not essentially need fat people to be horrifying. It is simply that it is more beneficial to give unhealthy sustenance.

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