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Every organization has a “culture” and an “environment.” Consider, for example, the very different work places of a Federal Reserve Bank and Google. Both have a need for accounting professionals, and you are an accounting professional in need of a position. Depending upon your circumstances, you might very well apply for both positions, but the resumes you send will certainly have to be very different. The point is this: each resume you send out will need to be tailored in design and content to appeal to the specific culture of the organization.


You Need Customized Designs

It is unusual that the average individual would understand how to design a series of resumes for the variety of organizations to which s/he would apply. The single traditional design and content format is simply not appropriate anymore, so getting some professional designers and content writers is absolutely necessary now. Has the Contemporary Expertise

The goal is for your resume to be the one that catches the reader’s eye, and compels that individual to spend more than the normal 5-7 seconds perusing it. With the help of the resume design department at, you will have those designs, each one customized for a variety of organizational cultures. You may either order a series of resumes for conservative, moderate and progressive companies and corporations, or you may request a specific resume for a specific position opening. In either case, you will end up with a resume or set of resumes, that will have the graphics and unique content presentation to get noticed.

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