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Nothing happens until you get that interview. And if you want to get that interview, you have to have a “killer” resume or CV. The problem with most resumes and CV’s is that they are dull and boring and look like everyone else’s resumes. As well, there can be problems trying to figure out how to organize and present the content. For example, there may be gaps in your employment; there may be a position from which you were terminated – how should that be handled? What can yo do if you are “shy” on work experience?


So, there are really two issues involved as you prepare your resume:


  1. What newer designs might be appropriate for you and/or for the companies/organizations to which you will be sending your resume or CV?
  2. Are there new and better formats for content presentation than the traditional formats that will look like everyone else’s?


The answer to both of these questions is, actually, And here’s why:


  1. Each resume or CV must be tailored to suit the applicant’s unique background
  2. Each resume or CV must be tailored to suit the organization to which it is being sent
  3. Each resume or CV must have the imbedded keywords that individual employers are looking for, especially if those documents are being sent online or published on sites such as LinkedIn
  4. has the HR and design professionals that are current in their fields and who will collaboratively create resumes and CV’s that will absolutely “pop.”


The “world” of employment searches is changing rapidly. If you do not get expert help with your documents, and you continue to use the standard format that you found on some Internet site, you are already “out of gas.” Choose and fill up that tank with premium!

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