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Math Research Problems

Grad students engaged in research develop a question, set up a scholarly research project, and get definite results that they can then report in their theses and dissertations. Graduate students in math, however, approach research problems from a very different perspective. They know that, quite probably, their research and their solution options may not, in fact, come up with any definitive solution. In fact, in most instances, such research projects will only demonstrate, like those before them, what does not work.

When grad students in math conduct research, they do look at all of the relevant research that has gone before, in order to know what has not worked and in order to try to build upon what others have done as they come up with potential solutions. In the end, they do add to the body of knowledge in important ways, if only to provide additional information on what does not work, and their research is the stuff upon which future researchers can build. While individuals outside of math fields think that this would be very frustrating work, those who really love math can find it quite satisfying.

When It Becomes Frustrating

Math students are human, however, and problem research can become frustrating, when there is difficulty identifying optional solutions to try. This is where a Ph.D. math consultant can step in and help. You can turn over all that you have accomplished thus far, have your personal consultant take a look at it and provide solution options, even working through those solutions, if necessary. The amount of help is fully up to you.

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You can relax knowing that all work completed by your consultant will be original; you can also be confident that your deadline will be met; and your assistance from us will be a private matter.

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