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The press release is a great way to let both the media and the public know about a newsworthy event that involves your business. In the best cases, the press release is used to send out good news. If you are a business owner, you might write a press release to inform the general public of the following:

  • The launch of a new and improved website
  • A change in branding or a new marketing campaign
  • The launch of a new product line
  • A change in management
  • The sponsorship of a community event
  • A grand opening

While we all hope that we only have cause to write press releases for positive reasons, the press release is also an effective tool for releasing negative information while minimizing damage as much as possible. When a misfortune or tragedy happens that involves your business, a well-written and quickly distributed press release can prevent the damage that can happen when rumors begin to circulate.

Writing a press release is a task that is best left to the professionals at We understand how to properly format a press release so that it will be used by the media. In addition to this, we also know when it is appropriate to use a press release, and when it is not appropriate. If we find that you should not opt to use a press release, we will let you know that. We will never write a press release that could cause harm to your business just to make money.

Make sure that it gets to all of the right people.

If you would like press release assistance, please contact us through our website.

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