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The methodology chapters is where it all starts to happen! This chapter has three major components:

  1. You will explain in detail the research methodology you have selected for your study, and you must justify your research design as the best to get at the data you need to collect.
  2. You must address and constraints and/or nuisance factors that may show up as you conduct the research
  3. You must report on the actual data collected as a result of your implementation.

A fourth part, that goes without saying, is the inclusion of any instruments you have created to collect your data.

The Pitfalls

There are a few things that can create a small amount of havoc

  1. Your methods and instruments may indeed collect data that you don’t want or need
  2. Your methods and/or instruments may not be collecting all of the data that you in fact need
  3. You may struggle with either or both of the representations of the collected – either the prose explanation or the graphic representations of the data.

If you are feeling a bit nervous about your design, your instruments, or either your prose or graphic representations of the data collected, you can ease that anxiety by contacting and getting the help of a field Ph.D. specialist. This individual can review your methodology and instruments, suggest alterations, and even help you write the prose and develop the graphic representations of your data.

Your hard work is on display in Chapter 3 – make it the best chapter that it can be with the help of a field specialist.

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