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Did you know that even a small business can use news articles for promotional and marketing purposes? The informational content in news articles can be used to inform and educate people about your business, while at the same time providing them with helpful content that they can use in their lives. A news article doesn’t need to be published in major newspaper, magazine, or media outlet. It just needs to be published in a place that is frequented by your target audience. For example, trade organizations, niche blog publications, local commerce and growth associations frequently accept article submissions. There is no charge for this, the only requirement is that your content is interesting, accurate, and related in some way to the website on which it will be published.


The strategy behind using news articles as a marketing tool is known as content marketing. This is simply providing good and useful information to market your business instead of using hard sale tactics that no longer work with the sophisticated consumers of today. At, our writers understand how to use content marketing. They know what information is newsworthy, they know how to write catchy news articles, and they also know the best places to publish your news articles.


Please contact us about your article writing needs. We would love to conduct a consultation session with you to plan an article writing strategy. We will work with you to determine what information should be conveyed in your articles, along with when and where the articles should be published. 

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