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You conducted some introductory research on your question when you prepared your proposal, and, now that the proposal has been approved, you are ready to begin on Chapter 2 – that literature review. You have to think of this chapter as a big research paper, except for the fact that you don’t have a thesis to work with. You will be summarizing the research of others and pointing to the relevancy of their work to the research question you have identified.

This chapter will be your least favorite, of course, because you are anxious to get onto the implementation or your research (if you have not already) and to start tabulating the results. As well, the reading and note-taking is tedious and time consuming, not to mention pulling it all together into a coherent and logically flowing piece of writing.

When You Decide You Want Some Help is available in the way of a Ph.D. consultant in your field. And because s/he is a field specialist, chances are the most relevant research is already familiar. As well, we have access to ProQuest, so locating the research works will be an easy task. You certainly have options for the exact type and amount of assistance you want, and you can simply let us know what you place your order.

  1. Your consultant can identify the most current and relevant literature and pass that list on to you, as a time saver.
  2. Your consultant can locate the literature and provide summaries of each work for you.
  3. Your consultant can locate the literature and prepare the entire chapter for you

Our fees will be negotiated with you based upon the depth of work you choose, and you may rest assured that all of the assistance you receive will be strictly confidential.

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