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Your dissertation is the last academic project you will complete, and what a project it is! If you are just starting out, you do at least have some idea of what is in store for you. And if you are fully immersed in your dissertation work, you are probably feeling some of the frustrations that “fellow travelers” who have gone before you have felt. What you may not realize is that a majority of students who undertake this huge research and writing task get some help, apart from their advisors and other mentors within their own academic communities. Many contract with outside writing services that have the qualified academics to provide this help, and one of the most popular and professional services is Below, you will discover all that we can do for you as you progress through the next 12-18 months of work.


Dissertation Help from Start to Finish

One of the reasons that is such a sought after service for major graduate writing projects is that we have taken the time, over the years, to locate and contract with Ph.D.’s from all academic fields, to provide any type of assistance a Master’s or Ph.D. candidate may need. In doing so, we have become one of only a few services that can offer this help from truly qualified consultants. So, whatever your current or future need may be, relative to your dissertation, rest assured that we have the right consultant to meet it.

Your Proposal: This is the start point, but an extremely critical one. Until that proposal is written, submitted, and approved, you cannot move forward with your project. Maybe it's time to ask for dissertation writing help? You will be preparing a short document, no longer than 10 pages, and that document must include very specific things. You must nail down your research questions and state it very clearly; you must “prove” that the question you intend to pursue is a worthy one and that researching it will enrich your field in some way; you must speak to the methodology you will use to research the question, the data you intend to collect and how you will analyze that data to answer your question. Included in the proposal as well is a short summary of just a few pieces of literature that pertain to your question – literature that you have already reviewed and that assists in justifying what you propose. It is sometimes difficult to get that proposal approved the first time it is submitted, but one of the steps you can take is to have it reviewed, edited, and perhaps re-written by your Ph.D. consultant at


Dissertation Help Services for Literature Reviews

One of the frustrating things about literature reviews is that you “bark up so many wrong trees.” Your pour over abstracts on ProQuest and access a large number of research pieces that seem to pertain to your research question. The problem is this: you spend a great deal of time reading entire research works only to determine, in the end, that they are not closely enough related to your research to be included in your literature review.

The point is this: has a specialist in your field who already knows the research. If you provide your research question, you let this specialist locate the most appropriate and current research that should be included in your review. As well, if you wish, that specialist can produce the entire literature review for you, so that you can focus on setting up your actual research. Our Ph.D.’s have written many literature reviews for many students just like you, and they are experts in doing so.


Help with Dissertation Methodology and Instruments

You already have an idea about the methods you intend to use to collect the data you need for your question. You summarized these methods in your proposal. Now, however, it is time to add all of the detail, to develop and refine your instruments, and to actually conduct the research. This can be an exciting part of your project, but you need to be certain that the methods and the instruments are really going to get you the data you need. Your assigned consultant can either review these things for you, and make important suggestions for improvement, or work directly with you as they are developed and refined. The bottom line is you want your methods and instruments to be perfect, and this is how that will happen.


Dissertation Help Service with Statistical Analysis

Unless you are in a math or science field, preparing the results chapter can be a horror. First, you will need to determine which formulae will be the best for the analysis of the specific data you have gathered. Particularly if you are in a humanities or social science field, some of that data will be quantified with certain formulae, but you will need a qualitative analysis of other data. This is particularly true when there are surveys, questionnaires, or interviews involved and when nuisance factors come into play. You really need a statistician to assist, and fortunately has several on staff who do nothing but run statistical analyses. One of them will work in conjunction with you and your field specialist, and, together, you will be able to decide upon the correct formulae. The statistician will then “crunch those numbers,” and prepare the graphs and charts that will give you the visual representation you need. Your specialist can then write the prose explanation. Results chapter? Done and done!


The Final Bottom Line: Your Discussion and Conclusion

Your final chapter ultimately answers your research question. You will have either contributed something new to your field, negated research that occurred earlier, or supported existing research in the same specific niche. You will explain the significance of what you have done and point to constraints and other factors that may have limited your research and that can be the subject of those who come after you.

This is a difficult piece of writing – it is all prose, and it must be scholarly in every way. Your specialist can provide as much help as you may need in the construction of this last chapter, if only to review your written work and provide an objective analysis.


Your Oral Defense

One of the best parts of our dissertations services is the preparation for your oral defense. Your personal consultant, who is not intimately familiar with your work can devise a list of questions that your committee is most likely to ask during your oral defense session and help you prepare your answers. It is a great feeling to know that you will walk into that session fully prepared!


Here’s how it Works

Contact us, no matter in what stage you may be. We’ll assign your consultant immediately, and the two of you will go to work together. The goal is the best dissertation – one that will impress that committee and get you that degree.



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