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Proof-Finding – It’s a different Ball Game” in College

Most non-math majors do not understand that there are five separate geometry specializations for college math majors. You, of course, do, because, as a math major, you will have to experience them all and you will have to engage in finding proofs that will make high school geometric proofs seem like nursery school. So, here you are, in the throes of a horrific proof-finding project, and you just can’t “see” how the sequence should fall together. You have the axioms and postulates that you need; you know what you need to prove in the end. You just cannot “get there,” and you are pretty frustrated. Allowing that frustration to continue to “eat” at you will only make it worse.

How Can Help

While Essays Force began as an academic writing service, we have, over the years, branched out quite a bit. Today, we offer academic assistance of all types, including complex mathematical help for college students who need assignments in on time and who also need to understand how proofs were actually sequenced. Math is a “cumulative” subject, in which each problem or proof builds upon previous knowledge and sets up what is to come. Our graduate-degreed math experts understand this and will not just give you a solution. They will explain it, so that you may move on to the next unit of study.


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