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If you have a website, we know that you have invested money and countless hours of time in developing that website. We know that you probably have several pages containing content, articles, links, terms of service, frequently asked questions, and perhaps even an order form. In other words, you’ve made a huge investment. Now, don’t you want to be certain that every aspect of your web page works well, and that your website works the same for every visitor no matter when they visit your web page or which device they use? But, how do you go about getting this information? Well, to be honest, it’s almost impossible for you to gather this information. Instead, you need an external consultant to conduct a website review. You need the professionals at to pin point any website issues, help identify the cause, and finally to advise some solutions.


We use a two-fold approach when it comes to auditing the functionality of your website. The first is an examination of your content. We thoroughly review all of the written content that visitors may see. We check for spelling and grammar mistakes, but that’s not all. We also check for awkward phrasing and inconsistencies. The second task we perform is a technical audit. We check for broken links, scripting errors, and for poor performance. We also visit your website using all of the major internet browsers to make sure your website is fully functional on each one. Finally, we visit your website using a variety of devices and operating systems. This ensures that your website is backwards compatible for those who don’t have the latest software, and that your website is friendly for mobile users.


Let us give you the confidence in knowing that your website is running as best as it can. Contact us for a review today.

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