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Writing a CV is not the type of task for those who do not have the necessary experience in writing such a document. However, receiving help from the proper consultant or writer can make all of the difference. Visit us at and we will provide you with a consultant or writer to help you with your CV.


CV's whole purpose is to represent the job seeker in very specific employment situations. Anyone that has been asked to present a CV opposed to a resume would be able to tell you that you are searching for the following


  • Teaching in higher education
  • A position in higher education in the research department
  • Any higher level within a non-profit organization
  • Any grant awards


At this point you are probably wondering what the difference is between a CV and a Resume.

Here are the significant differences between the two:

  • While resumes are used to provide a set of brief comments on your professional and educational background, which is sometimes chronological and sometimes not. A CV on the other hand will always provide a chronological career history, and focuses more on ones responsibilities and accomplishments
  • A resume is almost always limited to a single page, however a CV can reach anywhere between 3 and more than 20 pages.
  • While a resume focuses on brief description using bullet points, a CV must be written in a scholarly manner
  • By coming to us we will make sure to give you the correct assistance in creating a CV.


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