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It's just the cover letter, it doesn't make a difference. Why should I care it's only the cover letter? If these are your thoughts when attempting to perfect your resume you should probably stop and ask yourself "What is the first thing my possible employer will see?" The answer to that, is your cover letter. 

The cover letter is the very first thing your potential employer will see.

Your cover letter is basically your introduction to your potential employers, as well as their first chance to judge you. If they are impressed by what they see, then they will be more than eager to read your resume afterward. If not, than your resume may not even receive a cursory glance.


How do I write the perfect cover letter?

This depends on who you are writing to. Like your resume, the cover letter must be customized for each of your possible employers. An important step in this is to specifically address the person that you wish to read your cover letter. Another thing to consider is how your letter is toned, you wouldn't write a letter for a huge well known business that you would for a small company that is just starting. Then there are other more technical details such as type font, as well as what information you should save for your resume.

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