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Samples of Essay for College

July 20, 2015 - Posted to Writing

Samples of Essay for College

Examples of college essays can be found all over the Internet, for whatever purpose you need. Some students need to see samples, because they have an essay assignment of a type they have not written before; other students need to see college essay examples that are written for college admissions. Certainly, it is good to study exceptional essay writing, for it can help you improve your own style and writing skills. But, please be careful. If you are writing an essay on the ethics of biogenetic engineering, for example, and you run across one that is just extraordinary, there is the temptation to “lift” at least parts of it and use them as your own. Even if you take the essay and try to re-purpose it some, you will not be able to repurpose it completely and it can still show up on a plagiarism scan. It just isn’t worth it. Please use any example of an essay that you find online as just that – an example that you will read for ideas or study for structure, but from which you will not take one word.

College Essay Assignments

You know you will have all types of essay assignments in a whole range of courses – expository, descriptive, narrative, persuasive, comparison/contrast, argumentative, reaction, analysis, and so forth. Now as you prepare to write such an essay, finding a good essay example of that type may be a smart thing to do, even if it is not on a similar topic. Why? Because each essay type has a specific format for presentation of information, and finding an essay format example of that type will help you understand how you need to structure your essay. It will then be coherent.

Writing Essay for College Admission

You know you are going to have to write at least on admissions essay as part of your application process. Here are a couple of quick tips:

  1. Get the prompts very early and start very early. Your competition is doing this!
  2. Make sure that the prompt you have selected is one that you have a really good personal story for. If not, choose another prompt. Sometimes it helps to think of the most eventful or impactful event in your life and pick a prompt that fits it. Or, think of some principles that you will never compromise, how you developed them, and then choose a prompt that fits that scenario.
  3. Never send off an essay until someone else really capable has reviewed and edited it for you.

Finding a sample college essay on the prompt you have chosen is a pretty good idea, and the best ones are usually found somewhere with a simple search. That individual’s story will be completely different from yours, so there is no temptation to “steal” any content, you will able to see how a really engaging admission’s essay is written. All really good college admission essay examples you find will have the following:

  1. An extremely impactful opening sentence that will grab you attention immediately.
  2. A style that is appropriate for the story being told – not too stuffy and not too conversational – something in between.
  3. Paragraphs will be logically divided by events or points to be made
  4. There will not be one grammatical, spelling, or mechanical error in the entire piece.
  5. The author will have found creative ways to express him/herself – ways that keep you interested in reading.

This is a pretty big job, when you think about it. The essay will require skills but also an “art” of writing that not all students have.

Getting Some Help

Whether you need help with essays for you current coursework or you are a high school senior in need of an extraordinary in terms of writing essay for college, you can always find the perfect assistance at Don’t be embarrassed or feel guilty about requesting assistance – it is common practice these days!

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