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Great Examples of Essay Topics for College

July 29, 2015 - Posted to Writing

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Great Examples of College Essay Topics for College Students

At, we know that there is always a need for thought-provoking and interesting college essay topics. For this reason, we like to release new posts every so often highlighting great examples of essay topics for college that can be used by student writers. Since current events, essays that propose a solution to a problem, and controversial topics are very popular, we’ve decided to base the essay ideas in this blog around these two categories. We think students reading through these ideas will find some great ideas to keep in mind when writing essays for a variety of classes. As always, please consider bookmarking this blog so that you may reference it during future writing assignments.

Good Essay Topics for Current Events and Controversial Research Essay Topics

Here are some example essay topics that provide a means for students to express themselves on current events and thought-provoking controversial events. They are largely based around issues that have come out in the last several months, or they are topics for an essay on issues that have seen renewed interest in the last several months. There are a variety of topics and with a little bit of adjustment, many of these are useful in a variety of academic subjects.

  • What, if anything, needs to be done to restore faith in the police in the wake of the killing of several unarmed civilians?
  • Is the improving of relations between the United States and Cuba a good thing, or will it legitimize human rights violations committed by Castro?
  • Should there be open travel between the United States and Cuba?
  • Was it appropriate for Caitlyn Jenner to receive the hero’s award?
  • Write an essay on the three top contributors to the destruction of Greece’s economy.
  • What is the best way for the president of the United States to address the Jade Helm situation?
  • Should students have the right to refuse to take PARCC and other tests?
  • Has the investigation into the former Secretary of States use of a personal email been thorough enough?
  • Because college sports are so profitable, should college athletes receive a salary?
  • Has the GOP decided to stop fighting ACA? Is this a wise move?
  • Should congress support the president’s position on Iran?
  • Is net neutrality a necessity or a means to keep businesses from maximizing their profits?
  • Is hosting the Olympics more trouble than it is worth?

Problem Solution Essay Topics List

College students often have great ideas about solving problems. This includes solving problems that affect people all over the world, and problems that affect only a small subset of the population. Working on a problem solution essay is a great way for a student to think about a single problem in many different ways. Problem solution essays are often assigned to get students to think about major problems that they will face in their lives. Sometimes the purpose of these essays is to also get students to think about what it might be like to face the problems people face that they will never have to deal with.

  • A school district would like to adjust school starting times so that high school students start later. They don’t want the younger students starting earlier. How can they adjust the bus schedules to accommodate this without adding new routes?
  • What is the best solution to dealing with undocumented immigrants living in the United States?
  • What can be done to help students who are struggling to pay their loans?
  • What can be done to make women in third world countries safer?
  • How can college be made affordable?
  • What is the best way to convince people to drive vehicles that produce less emissions?

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