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At, we know that there is always a need for thought-provoking and interesting college essay topics. For this reason, we like to release new posts every so often highlighting great examples of essay topics for college that can be used by student writers. Since current events, essays that propose a solution to a problem, and controversial topics are very popular, we’ve decided to base the essay ideas in this blog around these two categories.
Samples of Essay for College

July 20, 2015- Posted to Writing

Are you a math or computer whiz? Is chemistry or physics your thing? Are you an ESL student who plans to major in pre-med? All of you make up a group of students who, in many instances, really dislike liberal arts courses in which you are required to produce essays. You have to devise methods by which you can produce these essays, however, so that you can submit them on time and receive at least a relatively decent grade.
Basic Essay Styles and Formats

July 15, 2015- Posted to Study

Content essay styles   formats
Essay writing is a combination of science and art, and those two aspects, when applied correctly, will result in a final piece of writing that will result in a great grade – and who doesn’t want a great grade? So let’s take a look at what style and format mean in relation to producing an essay.
8 Different Types of Essays

July 07, 2015- Posted to Writing

Content 8 different types of essay
Even though essays can be written about millions of different subjects, there are actually only 8 different types of essays. As a college student, it is a good thing if you are familiar with each of these essay types, and the rules and guidelines for writing essays in each of these 8 categories. In many cases, your instructors won’t take time to explain this. They will just assume that you already know.
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Wow! Here’s a “loaded” and very subjective topic. How is it possible to identify and name the best colleges and universities in the United States? What criteria are even used to formulate such a list?
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The rush is on. As soon as students finish their junior years in high school, they begin to consider all of their options for college and get serious about selecting the school that will be graced with their presence once they graduate.
Content 26
Since late elementary school, you have been taught the process of how to write an essay. Year after year, the process was the same. The only thing that changed was that the topics became more complex, the essays became longer, and, in some instances, you were required to conduct some research before you could prepare an essay that would result in a good grade.
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