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In case you are not familiar with an annotated bibliography, the annotated bibliography contains the same entries that you would include in a regular bibliography. However, an annotated bibliography contains some additional information. An annotated bibliography also includes a written summary of the reference source. This is information about the reference source that will be useful to people who may come across your research paper in the future. The summary will explain how useful the source was in conducting the research, how the source was used, and a brief blurb about the information gathered from the source. The annotation will not be very long, but it must be accurate and it must be informative. Unfortunately, many students have a difficult time with annotated bibliographies simply because they take up so much time, and they often come at the end of very long and complex research paper assignments. This is why many students come to for assistance with annotated bibliographies.


When you place an order for an annotated bibliography at, we just need a bit of information. This information can be uploaded when you place your order, and it includes:

  • A copy of your research paper or essay with inline citations
  • Your complete list of references
  • Any files uploaded or links we need to follow
  • Any notes or instructions that we may need
  • The deadline date

Once we have that information and your order, a professional writer will begin creating your annotated bibliography. In the event that there are questions, you will be contacted. Otherwise, we will work quickly to complete your professional and complete annotated bibliography. When your bibliography has been completed, we will make it available for you to read and download. If you are happy with your bibliography that is wonderful. However, if you are not completely satisfied, we will revise your document for free until you are happy. 

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